It’s ‘IT Audit’ brought to you by IT managed services!

Want to stay ahead of the game?­ It’s ‘IT Audit’ brought to you by IT managed services!

Whether you’re new to an organization or have been there for several years, it’s of utmost importance to do a regular IT audit i.e. an inspection to make sure all hardware is up­to­date to keep the business running smoothly. In spite of the fact that the upfront cost of replacing equipment may seem high, it is more costly in the long haul to hang on to old equipment because of expanded efficiency costs, potential data and file loss, and slowed business transactions. Finding an IT service provider can keep you on track so you know when to begin evaluating old equipment, from computers, printers to fax machines.

Now the question pondering could be ­Why we do need IT service provider for IT Audit when we can ourselves do this?

Yes you can but the point of discussion is to stay ahead of the game and not just stay in the game! Here is all you need to know how IT services will keep you ahead!

Some of you might think they will just deal with the problem when it occurs, but the danger of such approach is that when a problem does occur, it might cause major setbacks in the business. It is then you or your business will be held at stake for this loss but not the computers or printers. Key indicators that can help you judge when it is time to do an audit include: Not so satisfied employees complaining slow equipment working, sudden computer failures, data errors caused by computers and general software or operating problems popping up often. It is said that a computer’s life cycle is about three to four years. Supporting new operating systems or upgrades and updates could be hard task for older computers. An IT service provider keeps record of all the equipment and keeps you on the timeline and alerts you when your equipment needs replacement.

Now the question is how do they do this?

The most efficient as well as the easiest way to audit your company hardware is by automating your inventory processes. While you still have the choice to do manual audits as well. But they are not just time-consuming but can also consume your valuable resources, which is why the key is, having an IT managed service provider.

Plan for future!

Having a service provider is also ideal for businesses with more than one place or planning to expand to more locations. So, in spite of a technician checking every machine at each place, a software can give you a snapshot of your hardware in real­time would be much more efficient. Software that keeps an eye on your equipment will keep record of errors work computers and other devices are making and managed service providers will resolve or replace them as when required. If they happen to still fail by any reason, your service provider will have backup